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01. Strategic

Throughout her career, Charity has shown great ability to think analytically and help clients see old issues in new ways as well as embrace possibilities.  She is also a cracker-jack at helping clients even when they have limited resources.  Charity excels at helping clients develop a business or organization prepared to embrace future challenges while creating a culture that can sustain the changes she works with clients to create.


Charity brings her unique, tri-sector experience into any new venture.  She has a unique ability to dissect the issues and put new and exceptional pieces back together to form a creative and workable solution for clients. Charity is routinely praised for the innovative thinking and original ideas she brings to clients as she helps them succeed and prepare for the future.

03. reliable

Clarte’ Consulting works with clients where they are and is available to clients on their schedule. The concept of “over-communication” is practiced so that clients always know where their  projects’ is and what resources are needed.  

Our Principal

Charity Self, our Principal, is dedicated to helping organizations with change management and organization development issues.  She enjoys what she does and pushes organizations and companies to become better than they are today, prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, and develop and  fully utilize the talent of the people in their pipeline. Charity is also certified to administer TRACOM’s social style and versatility tests and facilitate social style workshops.  Participants in the Social Styles workshop typically praise the insight garnered regarding how they are perceived by others as well as providing discernment into their work colleagues which helps create more productive team work and better communication.

Charity has extensive post-graduate training in workforce development and leadership training, including completion of Leadership Development, Corporate Culture, and Change Management seminar at Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 2009 and attendance at the 12th Annual Wharton Leadership Conference.

For over 15 years, she has been using her tri-sector leadership and critical thinking strengths (among others)  in providing consulting services.  As a tri-sector leader, Charity also has extensive experience with the federal government and held a variety of roles and responsibilities in the non-profit sector, including as a Senior Strategic Advisor with AARP.  She is co-author of “Redefining Leadership & Sustainability – the Network Way, Building Institutional Education for the National Park Service”, as part of Environmental Leadership, A Reference Handbook.

Charity completed her undergraduate studies at Elon University in North Carolina and graduate studies at Baylor University, in Texas.  Her love of research began during her academic career when she completed several research projects, including ethnography-based studies, and presented research at two undergraduate research forums.  She continued her research in graduate school traveling to Belize and Guatemala to complete research on eco-tourism and sustainable farming practices.  

After completing her academic work, Charity moved into public relations on Capitol Hill, working on a variety of topics.  She left the public sector and entered private industry consulting in 1999 handling a variety of initiatives for Fortune 1000 clients.  This work included clients in biopharmaceuticals, financial services, construction, and manufacturing industries.

In 2007, Charity left private consulting and returned to the non-profit sector to work for AARP as a strategy analyst, working on healthcare policy.  She left this position in 2008, moving to NPCA’s Center for Park Management (CPM) where she took on a major change initiative in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS), working primarily on workforce management issues.

In 2013, Charity formed Clarte’ Consulting to work on strategic initiatives with clients in the following industries: biopharmaceutical, educational, manufacturing, and financial services, non-profit, and government. Charity believes that the the heart of success for any organization in a service economy is its people.  Her passion is change management and organization development issues.  She greatly enjoys helping organizations and companies have greater success, prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, and develop and fully utilize the talent within their organizations.




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