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What we Do Best is help our clients be their best


We will analyze your processes, conducting additional research, if needed.  From there, we will work with you to roll our a new process or strategy followed by a time of evaluation and adjustments, as needed.

Market Research

By conducting thorough research we help clients discover their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities as well as those of  the environment in which you function.


Focus Groups

We conduct focus groups in-person or remotely, using an appropriate web-based interaction.  We work to build group audiences which will result in the best possible results for our clients looking for data to make a business decision or develop a marketing campaign.  Our work includes audiences of experts or thought-leaders. 

Workshop or Group Facilitation

We facilitate meetings to ensure interactive and on-track discussions that help you deliver on your desired outcomes.  We manage board meetings, strategic planning meetings,  and workshops for teams looking to be more productive.


Meijers-Briggs Type Indicator

Understanding your Meijers-Briggs type and that of your co-workers helps teams deploy best practices for interacting with colleagues and provides supervisory staff with tools for delegating tasks to optimize outcomes.

Workforce Development

We partner with you to  review your current workforce, including an analysis of your strategic priorities, training program & needs.  With this as a starting point,  we develop a plan of action to close any gaps between the talents and skills of y our current workforce and what you need to meet your strategic priorities and future challenges.


Strategic Planning

Make your business more durable by setting priorities, strengthening operations & ensuring that your employees & stakeholders are working toward a common goal through documentation & strong communication. 


We utilize a number of techniques to analyze dysfunctional team behaviors and make recommendations for improvements.  We also offer conflict management strategies and tactics and communication training to help teams maximize their efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity.


Curriculum Development

If you have an employee development or training program that needs curriculum development we can help! 

Succession Planning

We can help you with leverage your leadership development into a plan for filling mission-critical position & preparing leadership across the organization to meet emergency needs.

Leadership Development

Creating a leadership development program benefits the organization by developing & managing the best skills  & talents that each employee has as well as creating a supply  of multi-functional leaders ready to help the organization grow and succeed.  These leaders will  nurture future leaders and help hire & retain the best talent for the organization on an ongoing basis. 

Strategy Development

We excel at facilitating strategy development workshops where we work with different employees and stakeholders across the organization to develop strategic goals & direction for the organization


Change Management

Change is inevitable; it’s how the organization handles it that often results in success or failure.  We believe in engaging people at various levels across the organization as well as considering, and integrating, the culture of the organization into any change initiative.  Strong communication – often – is also essential to the success of any change initiative.

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