Please take the time to review a few sample projects, below, as examples of successful accomplishments and projects that we can provide.  We are also pleased to provide you with a selection of client testimonials. We also take on smaller projects as well as conducting shorter training sessions, such as those that are an hour in length.

Overview of Sample Projects

USFS safety

We worked with the USFS Washington Office on a safety initiative.  Leadership wanted to better understand the issues behind accidents in the field and put together a safety campaign to reach field-based personnel.  We interviewed hundreds of employees to uncover the issues behind field-based accidents and deaths as well as to put together an outreach campaign.  In the end, we recommended a satellite-based communications system and a safety campaign which shared on-the-ground tragedies and success stories to reach field personnel.

Secondary stem education

We worked with a secondary education customer to help them better utilize their STEM budget.  We reviewed all the information and interviewed several stakeholders, then made several recommendations, including: renegotiation of several contracts, utilization of digital platforms, and encouraging learning and tutoring in peer groups.

digital case studies to build leadership

We worked with NPS and Stanford University to build online, video-based case studies.  These case studies utilized “learning opportunities” from various leaders in the NPS who were taped discussing the learning opportunity with intermissions set up at key points throughout the modules.  The modules can be used as self-paced learning or with a facilitator to help with group discussion.


 Charity recently stepped in to provide instrumental support on a healthcare assessment engagement with an aggressive delivery timeline. She quickly got up to speed and provided key research findings through in-depth interviews with healthcare industry stakeholders and expertly targeted secondary research.  Charity’s can-do attitude contributed to our ability to not only meet our projects objectives on-time, but to really WOW the client.

Company CEO


For nearly three years , our team had the great pleasure of supporting Charity in an extensive, multi-year efficacy study of Crucial Conversations throughout the National Park Service system.  Charity was the epitome of professionalism: conscientious, detailed, empathetic, responsive, agile, and always dignified.  Years later, we collaborated again to bring Social Styles and the powerful concept of “versatility” to the U.S. Forest Service.  Charity was her amazing self, once again.  She is calm, collected, cool under pressure, classy, and posed.  Her intellectual prowess to discern subtle nuances, complexity, and future consequences many beats before most, bely what I personally perceive to be her most transfixing trait: spiritedness. Charity’s name is truth in advertising, for she is a gift to all who know her. 

Blake Leath, Ph.D. | Founder
Leath Group, LLC.


   I currently serve (over the past 8 years) as an academic coordinator for the University of California, Merced Campus. Prior to this I spent my career with U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service. My professional association with Charity began about 2005 when we both served on the National Park Service Director’s  Current Practice’s Report on HR and strategic planning project for Organization & Leadership.  Taking the programs we worked on from concept to operation was tough work, requiring objective performance measurement, critical analysis & feedback coaching for performance.  Of the dozens of people involved, Charity’s performance stood out as remarkable. She has a rate capacity to come into a group with a receptive, encouraging mindset – devoid of negative biases. Beyond sharp professional skills, she also brings personability,  warmth, intelligence, and experience. This is critical because it blazes a faster path to trust.  And as both Stephen Covey and General Jim Mattis say, organizations move at the speed of trust.

Stephen J. Shackelton | Executive Director
Gallo Management Program, School of Engineering, University of California

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