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USFS Safety Engagement

Clarte' Consulting  worked with the U.S. Forest Service on the last phase of a safety initiative.  The safety initiative is focused on lowering preventable accidents and deaths within the Forest Service by creating a more open culture where dialogue and team-oriented decision making and policy making are the norm.  We sought suggestions from the field-based workforce for ways that senior-management could better interact and communicate with them.  We also helped our client better utilize electronic communications to keep staff up-to-date on policy changes and initiatives as well as in-office staff  meetings to communicate with remote staff who do not have access to electronic communications or mobile technology.

Improving Communication in the National Park Service

We identified communication as a primary barrier to safety, advancement, and culture change within the NPS.  As a result, we launched Crucial Conversations (™) as a mechanism to provide basic communication practices and standards across the NPS.  At the conclusion of the pilot project, 25% of staff west of the Mississippi River had received training.  An overwhelming majority of staff who received training stated that the training changed how they communicated with co-workers and supervisors as well as providing a way to hold those they worked with accountable.

Creating Sustainable Leadership, Now and in the Future for the National Park Service

We worked with NPS to establish several long-term, robust solutions to its leadership issues.  An "academy" was launched for early-mid-level managers to prepare them for the challenges of moving into mid-level management by providing them with skills around  problem-solving, change management, conflict management, and self-awareness.  This program was piloted and continued successfully for 4 years.

Working with Stanford University, we launched an online, facilitated, and interactive tool which allows participants to benefit from video-based case studies developed with Stanford as well as creating a community which fosters ideas, supports sharing of challenges, and allows for peer-to-peer coaching. 

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