We have worked with dozens of clients on change management, strategy, and organization development initiatives.  This experience includes tri-sector experience: working with clients in and across private industry, federal government, and non-profit.

From 2008 to 2012, we worked with the National Park Service regarding a major workforce management change initiative, applying insights from the Employee Viewpoint Survey as well as focus groups.  Through this initiative she worked to establish numerous leadership development programs, including a consortium with five major universities across the country to develop a leadership certificate that would meet the needs of resource managers and an online case study program with Stanford University that allowed resource managers across the United States to learn from one another and act as peer coached.

Clarte' Consulting also works with many clients, in the public and private sector to facilitate workshops, provide expertise on strategic programs and strategic thinking and develop a plan for change initiatives.  Clarte' Consulting works in partnership with our clients to help them meet their business needs within their budget constraints and to develop project plans that meet their deadlines, interests of stakeholders, and funding guidelines.

Clarte' Consulting is proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their strategic and workforce management needs and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day.

We use systems thinking in all of our strategic, system, workforce, and change initiatives.  Systems thinking avoids the myopic view that handicaps so many organizations (i.e. if we just change this one policy or reorganize this department, we will solve "the problem") and provides a conceptual framework wherein the organization is seen as a system, a self-perpetuating system, and everyone in the organization is influenced by the system and has responsibility for modifying the system. 

Key pieces of systems thinking are (as engineered by Peter Senge):

1.  Structure influences behavior 

2.  Structure in human systems is subtle

3.  Leverage comes from new ways of thinking 

We also engage a type of management strategy called Appreciative Inquiry to dialogue with our clients and reach their desired goals.

Appreciative Inquiry involves four phases: 

1.  Discovery - appreciating what is 

2.  Dream - imagine what might be 

3.  Design - determine what should be 

4.  Destiny - create what will be

​Working with you to create the strongest organization possible to meet your strategic goals

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Would you like to manage your organization with more creativity and confidence?  Often, the key to this is recruiting the right mix of talent and knowledge, recognizing employees' ability and potential, and managing and coaching employees to their best level of performance.  Let our team help your organization achieve its goals through its greatest resource, the employees.


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